Receive NIB Payments in your Island Pay Digital Wallet

Let’s Get Started

STEP 1: Download the Island Pay App

Download iOS App StoreDownload Google Play Store

Video: How to download the app

STEP 2: Register for a free account

Filling out basic information gives you free access to our consumer wallet where you can pay bills, send money, buy mobile top up and more.

Video: How to register for a free account

STEP 3: Upgrade your account

In order to receive NIB funds, you must upgrade your account by simply uploading a picture of your NIB card and one of the other accepted IDs.

Video: How to upgrade your account to receive NIB payments


What can you do with an Island Pay Wallet?

Island Pay wallet holders can enjoy the following services:

  • Send money to family and friends
  • Receive money from family and friends
  • Top up local and international phone numbers
  • Pay utility bills
  • Transfer money to your bank account

What can you do at an Island Pay Kiosk?

[List of kiosk locations]

Customers can do the following from an Island Pay kiosk:

  • Add cash to an Island Pay wallet
  • Withdraw cash from an Island Pay wallet [watch the video]
  • BTC Top Up
  • International and other provider top up
  • Buy gift cards like iTunes, PSN, Xbox and more

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