Island Pay promotes Fintech education at SUCCESS SUMMIT 2021

Nassau, Bahamas (December 1, 2021): On Saturday, December 4, 2021, Jeffrey Beckles, Managing Director at Island Pay, will speak to high school students about personal budgeting and the growth of fintech in The Bahamas at the 2021 Success Summit. Hubert Edwards, founder of the annual event, will host this virtual inspirational day of learning that will connect its audience with locally based and internationally renowned speakers under the theme “Success Keys to Transform Your World.”

“Financial change is happening worldwide as we speak, and Bahamians, especially our young people, must have the knowledge and the access required to empower them to navigate these systems,” Beckles advised. ““There are over 30,000 high school-age children living throughout The Bahamas. We have to introduce our young people to financial management early in life, and our digital wallets provide an invaluable tool for them. By talking to our children about digital money management tools they will become accustomed to living in the fintech/technology space so that by the time they are adults, they are fully functional in this area. We can change generational patterns of personal financial mismanagement that have plagued much of our society for years.”

In a few short weeks, Island Pay will introduce a wallet ecosystem that will allow parents to upload a specific amount to their child’s digital smartphone wallet which they can use to buy video games, lunch, and other items while learning to manage their budget.

Island Pay is currently running its “Win It Back” holiday campaign, through which 50 Island Pay wallet holders will win 100 per cent cash back on all their purchases made using the reloadable Island Pay prepaid MasterCard from November 15th – December 15, 2021. The digital wallets can be downloaded through the Island Pay app free of charge. The wallets come standard with a virtual reloadable MasterCard and the option is there to purchase a physical card for a small one-time fee of ten dollars.

“Digital payments are the future of our economy, and our lives will be more digitized than any generation before them,” he noted. “Our virtual and physical cards are accepted in over 33 million places around the world where Mastercard is accepted. This opens our worlds, allowing us to shop domestically, regionally, and internationally right from our smartphones. Our young people are indeed our future, and this is the future of our world. The two must come together quickly, so that The Bahamas isn’t left behind. We must introduce both parents and young people to the future and show them what’s possible, then give them the tools and encouragement to participate. This effort needs to be a part of our national plan for economic development.

Beckles added that “The Success Summit is has shown its commitment to community building by investing in our young people, which is an effort that Island Pay Group completely supports. We look forward to creating more exciting partnerships with community organizations as our company grows.”